The 1st ELINET Indonesia Conference 2024
in conjunction with the 4th ICOLLEC Conference

English Medium Education in the Multilingual Higher Education in Asia Pacific

Mercure Hotel

Jalan Jendral Akhmad Yani Pontianak, Kalbar, Indonesia

About Elinet

ELINET aims to provide a space for our community of practice to exchange educational experiences and ideas, plan curricula and policies and to facilitate dialogue, partnerships, communication, exchange of ideas, resource sharing and research collaboration. WE launched in 2022 with the first annual conference held at The University of Glasgow. Initial development focuses on two subject areas: Global Englishes, English Medium Instruction (EMI) and the internationalisation of higher education.

Our Members

Meet our 2024 Speaker


Dr. Kiki Yuliati (TBC)
Director General of Vocational Education Indonesian Ministry of Education Research and Technology
Dr. H. Widodo PS.
Director of Politeknik Negeri Pontianak, Indonesia


Dr. Nicola Galloway
University of Glasgow, UK
Prof. Dr. Phil. Marcus Callies
University of Bremen, Germany


Dr. Min Pham
University of South Australia, Australia
Prof. Yinghuei Chen
Asia University, Taiwan
Hamamah, Ph.D.
Universitas Brawijaya, Indonesia
Dr. Annette Bradford
Oxford EMI Training, UK
Prof. Madya Dr. Hj Zuraidah Zaaba
UITM, Malaysia


Tri vs Monolingual Policy

A tri lingual policy allows documents and services to be provided in three languages, while a monolingual policy only allows for one language.


Bilingualism refers to the ability to speak two languages fluently, while multilingualism is the ability to speak several languages fluently.

Translanguaging practice

Translanguaging practice refers to the process of integrating multiple languages in teaching and learning, allowing students to fluidly alternate between languages to improve comprehension and communication.

English medium instruction (EMI), English for Academic Purposes (EAP), and English for Specific Purposes (ESP) classrooms

EMI classrooms use English as the medium of instruction for content subjects, EAP prepares students for using English in academic contexts, and ESP focuses on teaching English specific to a field or occupation.

Global Englishes (GE)/World Englishes (WE) /English as Lingua Franca (ELF) /English as International Language (EIL)

Global/World Englishes refer to the many localized varieties of English spoken worldwide, while English as a Lingua Franca/International Language refers to English used as a common mode of communication between speakers with different native languages.

Material development in English medium and Global Englishes/WE/ ELF/EIL

Material development in English medium and Global Englishes/WE/ELF/EIL involves creating teaching resources that incorporate localized varieties of English and intercultural communication strategies to prepare learners to use English internationally.

Teacher Professional Development for EMI/GE/WE/ELF/EIL

Teacher professional development for EMI/GE/WE/ELF/EIL trains teachers to effectively facilitate English medium instruction and develop students' communicative abilities using English globally while promoting multilingual and multicultural awareness.

Higher Education Internationalisation

Higher education internationalization refers to policies and practices in universities aimed at integrating international, intercultural and global dimensions into teaching, research and service functions of the institution.


Conference Fees


Mercure Hotel

Jalan Jenderal Ahmad Yani, 91, Kalbar, Pontianak, Indonesia

Accomodation Options

Mercure Hotel
Ibis Hotel
Orchadz Hotel


Some articles will be selected for the journals  and notification will be sent after the full paper review and authors will be directed to follow up to the journal website regarding template and APC  information.


ISSN-Proceedings refers to a unique international standard serial number identifier assigned to conference proceedings containing collections of academic papers published in conjunction with a conference or scientific meeting.

An edited book

An edited book is a publication with chapters written by different authors on a central theme or topic, compiled and often introduced by an editor or editors.


Studies in English Language and Education (SiELE) (Scopus Q1)* for January/April 2025


Journal of English Language Teaching Innovations and Materials (Jeltim) (Sinta 2)* for October 2025


Education of English as a Foreign Language Journal (Sinta 4)* (November 2024)


A Biannual Academic Journal on Language, Literary, and Cultural Studies (Sinta 4)* (October 2024 and April 2025)

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